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Thursday, August 8, 2013

python for biologist

I just found this website:

it teaches you how to start programming with python for biologists.  I even bought the pdf ebook for $39. I had a look at the book, and I think it is worthy. I went through first 4 chapters really fast, they are really basic but teach biologists in a really friendly way. I am even thinking to hold a bioinformatics training course in the future :)  sounds ambitious, hmm..

Advanced topics can be found in the website:

I've read the practical computing for biologists by Haddock Dunn
it is a very good introductory book. Besides python, it also teaches you how to use linux command lines and some database basics. By the way, I wrote my first regular expression after reading the book.

well, I feel I just could get some practical problems ( text manipulation, Genomic Interval calculation using pybedtools, NGS by HTSeq) done by python though I began to play around with python in 04/24/2012. It takes time, but the investment definitely is rewarding!!


  1. Now, the book is free.......good news for you guys.

  2. hi, where can I download the book from?

    1. it has been a while. the free download is not available anymore...

    2. Hi Tommy, would it be possible to get a copy PracticalComputingforBiologists

    3. You have to buy it on Amazon...No pdf is available