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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Run APE plasmid editor in linux

I used to like APE on windows.  I want to run it on linux (ubuntu 12.04 LTS) also.

A quick google search:,ape/plasmid-editor/

I followed the instruction.

first download the APE for linux here

unzip it, you will find two folders, one for Linux, the other one for Mac_OS

copy the "APE linux" folder to  your home directory:  /home/tommy/APE_linux.    I rename it as APE_linux, as linux "hates" the empty space.

cd  /usr/bin
ls tclsh8.5

if you see it is there, you are fine. otherwise you have to install it:

sudo apt-get install tk8.5 tcl8.5

tclsh8.5 /home/tommy/APE_linux/AppMain.tcl


  1. Hi Tommy Tang, I need to download the apE plasmid Editor, I have a linux mint and I am new at programming, could you tell me exactly what to do? because I tried the steps that you said and it did not work, I know that I am doing something wrong but I do not know what : (
    Kind regards
    Constanza de la Tijera

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