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Thursday, November 5, 2015

How to make a box-plot with jittered points for multiple groups

Make a box-plot with jittered points for multiple groups using ggplot2

Let me demonstrate it with an example. Use the ToothGrowth data set in the ggplot2 library

ggplot(ToothGrowth, aes(x=as.factor(dose), y=len, color=supp)) + 
        geom_jitter(position=position_dodge(0.9)) +
I want to make the points separate from each other rather than on the same vertical line.
ggplot(ToothGrowth, aes(x= as.factor(dose), y=len, color= supp,fill= supp)) + 
        geom_point(position=position_jitterdodge(dodge.width=0.9)) +
        geom_boxplot(fill="white", alpha=0.1, outlier.colour = NA, 
                     position = position_dodge(width=0.9)) +

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