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Monday, April 6, 2015

My first Software Carpentry workshop as an instructor

I just came back from the software-carpentry workshop held on April 2 and 3 at the University of Miami. The workshop link is here
and the Etherpad:

I taught Shell and R on the morning sessions and I enjoyed it very much. Most of the participants (biologists) are beginners for Shell and R, so I taught the very basics and keep my pace slow. It looks like they also enjoyed learning with me. It was my first time teaching to such a group of (around 15) people and I got myself refreshed on the basics.

The organizer Sawsan is a very nice lady and we enjoyed talking about teaching and (data) science. I met the other three instructors: Xu Fei, Matthew and Ashiwin. They are all wonderful instructors and I learned a lot from them. I also leaned a lot from the Git and SQL sessions. I think I should at least finish the online instructor training by Greg Wilson. I was in a job transition and missed the last session.  I wish I could attend more such workshops to refine my teaching skills.

Despite it was my first time teaching, I got encouraged by the students comments:

I still have a lot to improve though. I will need to speak better english (As a non-native speaker, it sometimes can be quite challenging). I am happy that I made most of the students understood :)

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