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Thursday, June 6, 2013

My first try on Git

As a biologist trained in a wet lab, I realized that I am not able to develop the bioinformatic algorithms and softwares. What I need to do is know where I can get the tools and learn how to use the tools.

I frequently go to Github to fetch source code of the bioinformatic  software, and sure I came across git , the version control system.

I gave my first try on git on my bio-Linux. it turned out that it was installed with the bio-linux.

I ordered the pro git book from amazon,
 and it will arrive on Friday! I love reading books :)

the samtools page has an example to clone it

SAMtools is hosted by The project page is here. The source code releases are available from the download page. You can check out the most recent source code from the github project page with:
  1. git clone git://  

I will continue to mess up with git.

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  1. replika rolex ure, der kombinerer elegant stil og avanceret teknologi, en række forskellige stilarter af replika rolex milgauss ure, går markøren mellem din eksklusive smagstil.