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Monday, April 22, 2013

awk for simple text manipulation

let's say you have a bed file (tab delimited):

tommy@tommy-ThinkPad-T420:~$ cat file.bed 
chr1     100 302
chr2     600 901
chr3     250 383

you want to calculate the average peak length of this file:

tommy@tommy-ThinkPad-T420:~$ cat file.bed | awk '{print $3-$2}'| awk '{sum+=$0} END {print "Average= " sum/NR}'
Average= 212

if you calculate the middle point of the peak,  $2+ ($3- $2)/2   and you get a float, you want to round the column:
cat file.bed | awk '{print $2+($3-$2)/2}'

tommy@tommy-ThinkPad-T420:~$ cat file.bed | awk '{print $2+($3-$2)/2}'| awk 'function round (A) { return int(A+0.5)} { printf("%d\n", round($0))}'

if you want to add an artificial column with peak1, peak2, peak3.....

cat file.bed | awk '{print $1"\t"$2"\t"$3"\t""peak"NR}'
chr1  100   302 peak1
chr2         600   901 peak2
chr3   250   383 peak3

if you want to change a space delimited file to a tab delimited file

cat foo.txt | awk ' -F'' { print $1"\t"$2"\t"$3 } > newfile.txt

you have two files, you want to subtract the third column of file1 (total 3 columns) from the second column of file2(total 3 columns)

paste foo1.txt  foo2.txt | awk ' { print $3 -$5}'

you want to cut column 3 from file2, cut column 1 from file 1 and put them together:

paste <(cut -f3 foo2.txt)  <(cut -f1 foo1.txt)


  1. Spot on!
    I used to analyze microarray data with R, and just this year moved to NGS and its UNIX framework. Sometimes it's hard to figure out something as simple as get midpoints from a bed file using awk, but your post pretty much covered it. Nice job.

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