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Thursday, August 29, 2013

web/GUI tools for biological data analysis

If you are not a programmer, you will be happy to look at these websites. Even you can program, I find it is sometimes convenient to use them :)

1. Galaxy
founded in PSU, it's been there for several years, and under active development.

2. GenePattern from Broad Institute
I used it sometime ago for some microarray data analysis  when I did not anything about programming. Now, I use R/Bioconductor

3. Taverna
I got to know it from a blog, never used it, but it looks promising

4. GenomeSpace  it integrates many tools together including the above Galaxy and GenePattern

There are just way too many softwares out there for different kind of data analysis. First, get to know what are out there. Then, choose the right one meet your need for research.

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